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ASI is proud to have an academic programme which boasts a strong focus on classical literature.

Our syllabus is developed and delivered in a non-partisan manner and seeks to bring forth a genuine representation of the Prophetic sunnah. The texts studied have been chosen on the basis of Shaykh Akram’s extensive learning and teaching experience. The syllabus therefore has the advantage of being independent, not merely copied from an existing religious seminary elsewhere in the Muslim world. In this manner, we aim to provide a new way for the Muslims to develop a profound understanding of their faith.


One of the primary objectives at Al-Salam Institute is to enable students to access the earliest sources of Islam directly, especially the Quran. A lot of emphasis is placed on making sure that students are able to progress in their study of the language whilst still dedicating just one day a week of their time.

Islamic Sciences

The cultivation of an Islamic ethos of piety is felt most deeply in the Quranic Exegesis modules. For these classes, students from all levels of the ISP study a chapter (surah) of the Quran from a thematic and spiritual perspective, concerned with understanding and implementation.

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