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Course Overview

This course on academic writing and research methodology covers the essentials of essay writing in academia. Students will be given guidelines on how to write formally with a clear structuring of the content from introduction to conclusion. This will include guidelines on referencing, revision strategies, transliterations, constructing theses, improving literary style, and research presentations.

Students will have the opportunity to translate theory into practice through written exercises, interactive workshops, and an extensive Q&A.


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Learning Outcomes�

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

Demonstrate an understanding of the most crucial elements of academic writing and study skills
Demonstrate an ability to research any academic assignment using a range of appropriate resources
Understand the difference between documentation, citation, and referencing
Understand the need for consistent transliteration and demonstrate proficiency in this regard
Construct coherent arguments in writing
Demonstrate a marked improvement in their usage of grammar and vocabulary
Confidently reference bibliographic information
Reference using the most popular referencing methods, including Chicago and Harvard
Analyse assignment questions to determine exactly what is being asked by the examiner
Understand the demarcation between critiquing another�s idea, building on it, and plagiarism
Identify clearly their most effective planning method
Evaluate books, journals, library resources and internet resources as a source of information
Tailor the content of their writing for the appropriate tone, purpose and audience