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Sacred Sciences Journey

Sacred Sciences Journey


At Al-Salam we seek to reconnect students to their scholarly lineage, taking them to different countries all over the world in order to sit with and benefit from a number of notable scholars. On these trips students develop a profound understanding of the efforts of our predecessors in their pursuit of knowledge. You come away with a truly global perspective.

On the Sacred Sciences Journey you will travel with your peers and teachers following a tailormade programme of study. As well as being able to perfect your studies in the Arabic language and sit with various teachers, this programme enables students to graduate from Al-Salam Institute with a portfolio of ijazat from some of the world’s leading Muslim scholars.

From Makkah to Morocco our students have sojourned with us. The journey is open to all who are keen to seek knowledge. We invite you to join us on our next Sacred Sciences Journey coming up soon.

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