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Each year at ASI we endeavour to take our students on residential study intensives. On the Sacred Sciences Journey, students follow in the footsteps of our intellectual forebears, travelling in the pursuit of sacred knowledge and acquiring ‘ijazāt in classical texts from the ‘ulamā’. During the Knowledge Retreat, a bespoke programme focusing on tazkiyah and tarbiyyah, participants are given the chance to come together in a truly remote location, learn together and reflect upon the teachings provided.

Knowledge Retreat

Between the 28th March to 7th April 2018, students will attend a ten-day retreat in Alqueria de Rosales, situated by the scenic Sierra de Segura in Southern Spain.

Sacred Sciences Journey

At Al-Salam we seek to reconnect students to their scholarly lineage, taking them to different countries all over the world in order to sit with and benefit from a number of notable scholars.

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