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Muslims & Moonsighting

A free webinar with Shaykh Akram Nadwi on the objectives and approaches to sighting the new moon.

Quran-Bible Conversation

Prof. Saqib Hussain, an expert in Qur'anic intertextuality, will introduce the theory of Qur'anic-...

Jibril Programme

This new 3-month course is designed to teach Muslims the essentials of din, as articulated in the Hadith of Jibril. The course will cover...

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Reading the Qur’an During Menstruation

There are two predominant scholarly opinions regarding this issue. In the following response, I will outline these opinions in detail and then offer my reflections and some practical guidance that Muslim women might consider adopting.

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ASI Graduation 2023

Leicestershire, Saturday, 9th December - Al-Salam Institute (ASI) held its distinguished graduation ceremony for the 2022-23 academic year. The event took place at the Islamic Foundation in Leicestershire, during the ASI Winter Student Retreat. A mix of students,...

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Inheritance: a general overview of the laws

Inheritance: a general overview of the laws

Concepts and arguments related to inheritance are in many respects so finely detailed and entangled that it is difficult to keep in mind the general principles and goals of inheritance laws and customs in Islam. These principles and goals are, as we should expect,...



Taysir means taking the easier path to manage a difficulty. As a term in Islamic scholarship, it means giving advice or a ruling in favour of the easier option, provided the matter is one in which preference between options is allowable.Taysir is very much...

The successful life

The successful life

The successful life as measured in this world does not secure safe passage into the favour of God in the hereafter. The good or virtuous life as measured in this world does not secure safe passage into the favour of God in the hereafter. In both matters,...

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