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Indian Triple Talaq Bill

People have called and written to me to report that Muslims in India are very angry and, at the same time, very anxious, that the so-called “triple talaq” bill has been passed by both houses of the parliament, and the President has given assent to it.

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The Standing on the Plain of Arafah

Translated by Dr. Abu ZaydStanding in ʿArafah is ṣalāh just as ṭawāf is ṣalāh, for Ḥajj combines all forms of ṣalāh together.Ṣalāh essentially signifies entry into the presence of God. When an ordinary person comes before a powerful king into his majesty’s...

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Maqasid of Shari’ah

Maqasid of Shari’ah

Today I will be talking about the maqasid of the Shari’ah. My main focus will be the argumentation, the reasoning, of great jurists of the early period. I will try to give the reasons, partly philosophical and partly historical, for the differences on this issue…

The Food of the People of the Book P2

The Food of the People of the Book P2

They said: People have raised questions and doubts concerning what you published about the verse: “And the food of those given the scripture is lawful for you and your food is lawful for them.” I replied: Don’t you know that…

The Forty Hadith concept

The Forty Hadith concept

Most people are not able to read hadith all the time. Most of us are not scholars of hadith. But our need for hadith is not less than theirs. To make it easier for people to benefit from hadith, a convention became established among Muslim scholars of…

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