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Critical Reflections on Feminism

What I have to say is in two parts: (1) some critical reflections on the direction of contemporary feminism; and (2) an account of three perspectives on how to pursue reforms in the norms and conventions that negatively affect women in Muslim communities.

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Benefitting from our Differences

When the believers are in dispute over a matter, they should defer it to God and His Messenger. We cannot obey this command if there is in our community any established institution to which religious differences and disputes among Muslims must be referred.

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Orientalists and Hadith

Orientalists and Hadith

Textual and stylistic criticism that developed in the study of ancient texts, were extended to religious texts from the late eighteenth century onwards. The criticism would demonstrate layers of editing and other interventions in those religious texts.

The Origin of a Successful Marriage:

The Origin of a Successful Marriage:

Of course, in the contemporary western world, culturally speaking, marriage has become established as a particularly personal, private preference. It is viewed as a sort of self-expression or self-fulfilment and, some degree of romantic association…

Reflections on Surah al-Jinn

Reflections on Surah al-Jinn

When someone behaves in a way that shows that they are not in control of their will, that they cannot sense what is harmful or dangerous to themselves, the Arabic word used will probably be majnun. Literally, the word means jinn-possessed.

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