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Why ASI?

Unique Syllabus

The Al-Salam Institute syllabus has been designed to provide students with a profound understanding of both Arabic and the Islamic Sciences. Our programme is delivered by some of the UK’s leading academics and traditionally-trained scholars. The pioneering six-year programme combines classical Islamic texts with contemporary works to enable students to graduate with an incisive understanding of the religion.

One Day a Week

At ASI we understand that modern family and lifestyle commitments do not always allow for full time study. For many it is impossible to spend years or even decades studying the Islamic Sciences full time. Our Islamic Scholarship Programme is structured accordingly so that students are only required to dedicate one day a week to their studies, making the programme ideal for both full-time students and working professionals.

Live Online Classes

ASI is one of the first centres of Islamic Studies to livestream the entire Islamic Scholarship Programme. All our content is live online to students all over the world. We currently have a global network of students from every continent – except perhaps Antarctica! – who connect with their teachers and classmates on a weekly basis. As a global network we come together to learn, study, and train in the sciences of the religion.

ASI Portal

Every core lecture is remastered and uploaded on a weekly basis onto our flagship learning management system: The ASI Portal. This means that every ISP student is able to re-watch the recordings of their favourite lessons again and again. Being able to catch up on any missed lessons or supplement one’s notes via recorded access is one of the key features that makes ASI so unique.

Shaykh Akram Nadwi

Shaykh Dr Akram Nadwi is a Hadith scholar of the highest calibre as well as one of the leading Islamic thinkers of our time. He co-founded Al-Salam Institute in 2006 where he continues to operate as the Principal and Senior Lecturer. The entire programme is primarily authorised by Shaykh Akram Nadwi. Graduates from the Institute do so under his tutelage, receiving their Shahādah ‘Ālimiyyah upon completion of the programme at our annual Graduation Ceremony.

Licence in Islamic Scholarship (Shahada al-‘Alimiyyah)

The Licence in Islamic Scholarship is the most distinguished accolade awarded by ASI. It can be likened to post-graduate degrees awarded in the British education system. After successfully completing their exit exams, students will graduate from the Institute as an ‘Ālim or ‘Ālimah in full, with a portfolio of isnād and ijāzah collected over the years studying with the Institute.

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