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What our students say about us

Below you can watch and read about some of our recent students and their experiences of studying with ASI.

Foundation Year

Al-Salam Institute is an excellent institute that provides an exceptional teaching experience. They take into consideration everyone’s needs and requirements and help them in their studies. Continue Reading

Kauser Choudhury, Teacher

I had never benefited so much in doing a term of studying Islamic sciences as I had with Al-Salam Institute. Al-Salam Institute gives many like me the opportunity to combine Continue Reading

Umm Ruman, Data Analyst

Shaikh Akram has the following and more: a deep and vast knowledge of the Islamic sciences, an incisive and open mind, a motivation to teach (not just texts, but also Continue Reading

Dr Omar Mahroo, Doctor

Sh Akram is an absolute don. There are no words to describe how well equipped he is with the meaning of Islam. He is a very effective teacher, someone with Continue Reading

Ahmer Nadeem, PhD Candidate at the University of Manchester

I chose to study with the Al-Salam Institute because of the high level of scholarship, in-depth analysis and highly critical teacher-led education as provided by Shaykh Akram. The breadth and Continue Reading

Akhlaaq Choudry, Director of Oak Tree Initiative

After experiencing Al-Salam Institute’s classes for a number of years, I say that only at Al-Salam Institute have students been given an extended opportunity to actually study classical Islamic texts Continue Reading

Andrew Booso, Safeenah Fellowship

Alhamdulilah so far I have a generally positive experience of studying at al-Salam institute. The high level and standard of subjects and the access to Shaykh M. Akram Nadwi was Continue Reading

Shafiur Rahman, Director of Jibreel Institute

My experience of Al-Salam Institute has been extremely beneficial. The quality of teaching is first class and the organisation is professionally run by a small team of dedicated and committed Continue Reading

Tariq Pandor, Civil Engineer

I have been attending the Al-Salam Institute courses in Oxford since 2010. I am from the first cohort of students who completed the Alimiyyah course. I have had a very Continue Reading

Abdul-Malik Sheikh, Imam and Social Worker

I was studying at Al-Salam Institute due to Dr Akram Nadwi. What he brought to the table in terms of expertise and knowledge was unfound anywhere. I studied with Al-Salam Continue Reading

Hafiz Abrar Mehmood, Chaplain

I have been studying at Salam Institute for almost two years. I have thoroughly enjoyed the courses, primarily because of the quality of the teacher and also the students. The Continue Reading

Dr Abdul Hakim Vazquez, Development Manager at Ebrahim College

Al-Salam Institute is unique as it combines a detailed critical analysis of the authentic source texts in Islam, taught by esteemed scholars of the highest calibre, through a medium using Continue Reading

Dr Omar Taha, Doctor

The depth and analysis that Shaykh Akram goes to is second to none. Whereas most academic institutions – religious & secular – are preoccupied with the completion of the curricula, Continue Reading

Hesham Alaghbari,

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