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Towards a new generation of scholars, intellectuals and community leaders

Our Programmes

Islamic Scholarship Programmes

Our Islamic Scholarship Programmes ensure students are able to find a programme best suited to them. Through part-time study (one day a week live attendance online or onsite) and a dynamic selection of modules, the course provides the opportunity for students and working professionals to study Arabic and the Islamic sciences to an advanced level.

Short Courses

ASI Short Courses are available to attend in-person, online live (via livestream) or at your own convenience on-demand. We provide courses on a wide variety of subjects, from theology and history to prophetic biographies and topical contemporary issues. Our short courses are open to all. Thoughtprovoking discussions take place between our instructors and the wider Muslim community, making the study of Islam both enjoyable and accessible.


In the past scholars travelled far and wide in pursuit of knowledge. Our annual Residential trips abroad provide a unique opportunity for ASI students to reconnect with this lost legacy. Alongside Shaykh Akram Nadwi, students will travel all over the world, visiting and studying under illustrious scholars in pursuit of sacred knowledge and ijazat (textual or subject authorisation).

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