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Student Life

Student Life

At ASI we pride ourselves in creating an inclusive environment. Students enrol onto the ISP from a diverse range of personal and theological backgrounds. Our inclusive atmosphere allows students to expand their friendship circles and networks.

A small team of dedicated Student Liaison Officers (SLOs) arrange student-led activities throughout the academic year in order to improve students experience at the Institute. Activities range from paintball outings and weekly football matches to evening meals and weekend retreats – there’s something on for everyone.

These events are funded or subsidised by ASI and provide students with a great opportunity to improve their study experience and develop lasting relationships with their peers. Our online students are able to stay connected via exclusive online communities arranged by ASI for this specific purpose.

“It seems as if the whole umma is represented, and always the best of each group. Sufis, Deobandis, Modernists, Salafis, etc., are all present – and in the time I’ve been there I’ve never witnessed any of the sectarianism witnessed elsewhere.”

Abu Yusuf Vazquez

Advanced level student 2015

“Alhamdulillah this has been by far my best year in a very long time. Being a full-time mother of two small children, ASI has been a break from the usual pressures of life and a time for spiritual growth.”

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