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Islamic Scholarship Programme 2018/19

Al-Salam Institute’s pioneering Islamic Scholarship Programme ensures students are able to enter the programme at the level best suited to them. As part of the programme, students gain an in-depth understanding of classical Islamic texts and methodologies whilst also developing the critical thinking skills needed to translate theory into practice.

1 day a week structure

Through part-time study (one day a week live attendance online or onsite) and a dynamic selection of modules, the course provides the opportunity for students and working professionals to study Arabic and the Islamic sciences to an advanced level.

LIVE online and onsite

Classes take place for live attendance both online and onsite in London. We provide online access for all our teaching. This means that students from anywhere in the world can attend the Islamic Scholarship Programme live as it takes place, as well as study any upcoming short courses from the comfort of their home. The opportunity to livestream these classes means students can still benefit from the classroom environment and interact with teachers during classes.

Virtual Madrasah

Our Virtual Madrasah e-learning platform is truly unique. Using the Virtual Madrasah, all students of the Islamic Scholarship Programme are able to:

• Watch classes live
• Access all your learning materials
• Contact your teachers outside of the classroom
• Interact with your teachers
• Re-watch recordings of all your core classes
• Submit assignments and examinations

Shaykh Mohammad Akram Nadwi

Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi is a world-renowned scholar of Indian origin, who has now resided in England for many years. He is recipient of the Allama Iqbal prize for contribution to Islamic thought and is the Principal and co-founder of Al-Salam Institute.

Licence in Islamic Scholarship

The entire six-year syllabus is primarily authorised by Shaykh Mohammad Akram Nadwi. Students will graduate with a Licence in Islamic Scholarship (Shahadat al-Alimiyyah) with a penetrating understanding of the fundamental Islamic sciences.

This pioneering programme has already produced a number graduates who now teach with us as Al-Salam Institute course instructors.

The Foundation level is tailored for students of Islamic knowledge who are just beginning their journey. The course provides a solid basis in Islamic scholarship through part-time study with some of the most renowned and accomplished teachers in the UK.

The Arabic Immersion Year is tailored for students of Islamic knowledge who have progressed beyond a foundational level. The year-long course provides an immersive environment for students to improve in their knowledge of Arabic grammar and morphology.

The Intermediate Level in Classical Arabic and Islamic Disciplines is designed to enhance and build upon the modules studied in the Foundation Level. Students will be educated in both classical and contemporary perspectives.

The Advanced Level is designed to equip students with the ability to access the sources of Islam directly. The intent is to enable students to develop into leading thinkers and scholars for the coming age, characterised by their sound knowledge, true piety, and positive contributions to the wider society.

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