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Maqra’a (Hadith Reading) of Juz’ al-Ansari

Meadows of Paradise, in collaboration with ASI, invites you to attend a special Hadith reading event with Shaykh Akram Nadwi and Shaykh Nizam Yaquby at East London Mosque.

Hadith readings are blessed gatherings in which the narrations of the Prophet (saw) are read. For scholars and students of knowledge, these are opportunities to benefit from reminders as well as gain an ijazah that connects them, through a lineage of narrators, to the Prophet (saw). For members of the public, these are chances to listen to words of the Prophet (saw) and take benefit.

Juz’ al-Ansari is a collection of hadith compiled by the student of Muhammad b. Abd Allah al-Ansari (d.215h), a prominent Muhaddith and Qadi from Basra.  Al-Ansari was a teacher of many great hadith scholars, including Ahmad, Ibn Ma’in, Ali bin al-Madini, al-Bukhari, Abu Hatim and many others. It was one of his youngest students, Abu Muslim al-Kajji (d.292h) that collected some of his hadith narrations and put them into a small collection known as Juz’ al-Ansari, the collection we will be reading, God-willing. This collection is particularly well-known for having a high isnad and for most of its narrations being considered sound.

Key Information:
Friday 7th July 2023
Time: After Asr (7pm)
Venue: East London Mosque
Admission: Free entry
Registration: Free – registration required to receive ijazah

You can download the text we will be using here