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Quran Translation(s) in Theory and Practice

A Day Course with Dr. Sohaib Saeed

Course Description

Al-Salam Institute is delighted to announce a new one-day course: Qur’an Translation(s) in Theory and Practice. This course aims to introduce students to the history and endeavour of Quranic translation, particularly in English, and also the future possibilities of the field. In addition, it seeks to establish a methodology for comparing and evaluating different translations. Students will not only learn about theoretical aspects but will also look at examples of translations using Sura Yusuf as a case study. Throughout the course, participants will discover valuable resources and hermeneutical insights that will support their personal exploration of the Qur’an in this context.

About the Lecturer

Dr Sohaib Saeed is the founder and director of the Ibn ‘Ashur Centre for Quranic Studies, based in Scotland. He attained a degree from Al-Azhar in Tafsir before completing his PhD at SOAS, London, under the supervision of M.A.S. Abdel Haleem, the renowned Quran translator. Dr. Sohaib has since published academic research on Tafsir and Quran translation, in addition to his own translations of Imam Razi’s “Great Exegesis”, and “Select Chapters of Itqan” by Imam Suyuti. He collaborated with Nouman Ali Khan on the Bayyinah Translation (Surat Yusuf, 2023) and his main focus now is condensing the linguistic and exegetical insights of Muhammad al-Tahir Ibn ‘Ashur into an English Quran translation and commentary. Dr Sohaib is currently a faculty member of the Quran Study Programme at Al-Salam Institute where he teaches Ulum al-Quran.

Note: This course is part of the ASI Qur’an Study Programme. However, anyone interested in the topic or Qur’anic studies in general can benefit from this course and is encouraged to register. For additional information about the Qur’an Study Programme please visit the dedicated page.

Key Information:
Study Mode: LIVE Online
Dates: Saturday 25th May 2024
Time: 10am – 5pm UK Time

Course Fees: £45 £35 (live + 5 days recorded access)*
                         £60 (live + 60 days recorded access)

*Early bird discount available for any purchases made before Sunday, May 5th, 2024 at 23:59 BST