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Contemporary ‘Ulama: Scholars in Today’s World

By Shaykh Akram Nadwi

This seminar will address some of the unanswered questions surrounding the ‘ulama today. These include questions such as: who are the ‘ulama, what role do they play in contemporary society and what areas of concern do they face? With more and more Muslims studying their religion, beginning at various points in their lives, so many potential sources of knowledge ranging from books to the internet, and the great Islamic intellectual heritage that precedes us, where do we stand today with regards to our scholars? This one-day short course will explore their qualifications, roles, rights, responsibilities, and challenges with Shaykh Akram Nadwi, a long-standing member of both the international community of ‘ulama, as well as the ‘ulama in the UK.

Date: Saturday 22nd December 2018

Venue: The Osmani Centre, 58 Underwood Rd, London, E1 5AW