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I was studying at Al-Salam Institute due to Dr Akram Nadwi. What he brought to the table in terms of expertise and knowledge was unfound anywhere. I studied with Al-Salam Institute for a period of 4 years. It has changed my life in the way I give verdicts and general advice to the public and forging a strong sense of scholarship. My personal development improved greatly, I could envisage being in the company of Imam Bukhari and the like while I was in lessons and that has left a long-lasting effect on my way of approaching general life in the light of the Sunnah. I would recommend the classes purely based on the fact that Dr Akram is unique in the way he teaches.

The organisation was fantastic and I felt there was support whenever needed. The Al-Salam Institute Alimiyyah exam was very important for me, I plan to use this qualification as a springboard to specialise in a science of my strength and interest. I would like to thank Allah Ta’ala for the wonderful experience at Al-Salam Institute.

Hafiz Abrar Mehmood, Chaplain March 31, 2018