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March 31, 2018

I had never benefited so much in doing a term of studying Islamic sciences as I had with Al-Salam Institute. Al-Salam Institute gives many like me the opportunity to combine studying Islamic sciences with work/study. At Al-Salam Institute it is not just about learning, it’s about thinking, understanding and then implementing giving you a solid Islamic foundation. Without the AL-Salam Institute financial assistance I would not have been able to study at Al-Salam Institute. The financial assistance has helped me immensely in being able to cover the costs and other things, whilst not worrying too much about the fees.

Al-Salam Institute is truly an Institute like no other. They are unique in every way: from the teacher, teaching methods, course syllabus, course structure, and the overall environment given by the Al-Salam Institute team. It is said that the Prophets have left no inheritance except for knowledge inherited by the scholars. This is exactly how I feel being present in those classes, one feels as though they are inheriting something priceless and extremely valuable. Though the classes follow the same structure weekly, each week is unique and mesmerising as the one before. At Al-Salam Institute you do not just learn. You learn how to think, understand and implement. Above all you learn the very important thing an individual needs to change their life and become better believers serving God as he commanded. This is something I learned for the first time at Al-Salam Institute, despite having done several other Islamic courses over the years.