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Accelerated Arabic Programme

Kickstart your journey in the Arabic language with ASI’s new Accelerated Arabic Programme!

This unique 6-week programme will serve as an in-depth study of the core foundation of the Arabic language, covering both linguistics and practical application like no other. Students will get a chance to gain a firm foundation in grammar and syntax, as well as improving their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. This method helps to improve comprehension and strengthen retention of key vocabulary. The programme has been designed to take students from no understanding in the Arabic language to an intermediate level in comprehension skills, whilst also developing their ability to express themselves in Arabic.

The holistic nature of the programme works on key competency skills that will facilitate and enhance the rest of a student’s journey in learning the Arabic language. From literature and culture to media and travel, within just 6 weeks you can begin to pursue one of the world’s most widely spoken languages! 

Students who successfully complete all 3 levels, including a final (optional) examination, will be awarded a Certificate in Foundation Level Classical Arabic and be eligible to apply for the Arabic Immersion Year at ASI.


Learning Outcomes

• Read basic-intermediate level classical Arabic texts
• Develop basic speaking, listening, and writing skills
• Grammatically form and analyse entire passages
• Translate sentences and a selection of Qur’anic verses
• Learn more than 500 new vocabulary words and expressions


Study mode: Online (live and recorded access)
Duration: 6 weeks (full programme) | 2 weeks (single level)
Dates: 13th January – 6th March 2020
Time: 6pm – 9pm (Mon-Fri)


Level 1

Dates: 13th – 24th January 2020

Monday – Friday (6pm – 9pm)

Topics will include:

  • Nouns/pronouns
  • Cases
  • Phrases
  • Sound/broken plurals
  • Diptotes

Level 2

Dates: 3rd –14th February 2020

Monday – Friday (6pm – 9pm)

Topics will include:

  • Noun sentences
  • Basic verb forms
  • Cases/grammatical agents
  • Particles
  • Derivatives

Level 3

Dates: 24th February – 6th March 2020

Monday – Friday (6pm – 9pm)

Topics will include:

  • Derivatives (continued)
  • Intermediate verb forms
  • Verbal nouns
  • Relative nouns
  • Governing agents



Students who complete level three of the programme will receive supplementary online resources to reinforce their learning including access to Shaykh Akram Nadwi’s Introduction to Arabic Grammar and Introduction to Arabic Morphology.

Students who successfully complete all three levels of the Accelerated Arabic Programme will be eligible to apply for ASI’s Arabic Immersion Year!

The Arabic Immersion Year is tailored for students who have progressed beyond a foundational level. The year-long course provides an immersive environment for students to improve in their knowledge of Arabic grammar and morphology, as well as further develop their skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing in the Arabic language.


Course Fees:

£100 Early bird discount ends 1st January 2020!

Online (includes livestream + three months recorded access*)
Full programme: £750
Single level: £350

*Students will have live and recorded access to each level throughout the course duration, as well as three months after course completion. 

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