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Calligraphy Masterclass with Khalid Casado 


ASI Short Courses are proud to present a unique two-day workshop on the Art of Islamic Calligraphy with Ustadh Khalid Casado. Calligraphy has rich cultural heritage and importance in Islamic history. It was significantly developed as Islam moved from an oral culture of learning to written. The ‘Mosshaf’ that we read from is a great example of preserving the Qur’an and calligraphy played a huge impact in its readability and illustrative accuracy.

Timings: 10:30am – 5:30pm

Location: Onsite (London)

Prerequisites: None

Price: £150 (and £25 course material)

In this introductory course, traditional teaching methods and materials will be used. Furthermore students will have the opportunity to experiment through creative exercises in order to understand the proportions of the Arabic letters, how to measure them and much more.

Pablo Casado, also known as Khalid, was born in 1982 in Madrid, Spain and has worked during several years in his family business. It was however, a special attraction towards the shapes of Arabic calligraphy, that infused his passion and purpose more than ever.

He first attended an introductory course to ‘Nesih’ Calligraphy in 2008. He went on to sit with renowned calligraphers such as Ferhat Kurlu, Hassan Celebi, Davut Bektas and Nuria Garcia. In 2014, and after having devoted himself completely to learning this art, he received his Ijazah in sülüs and nesih calligraphy styles in IRCICA (Research Center for Islamic History Art and Culture).

Currently, he continues travelling regularly to Istanbul and spending long periods there in order not to lose contact with his masters and with the purpose of continuing learning and refining his work.

Book your place now and enjoy the creative journey of calligraphy this March!