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Islamic Counselling

A 20-Week Course on Counselling & Muslim Mental Health

Course Description

This course has been designed to introduce training mufti’s, scholars and students working within the Muslim community to the basic apparatus behind counselling from an Islamic perspective. Scholarly opinion is often sought for a myriad of issues, with Muslims often seeking wisdom, guidance and help with their difficulties. As such, there is a need for depth and nuance when it comes to the intersection between human difficulty, Divine guidance and scholarly legal support. With the rise in mental health concerns, and awareness, within the Muslim community, it is more important than ever for scholars and trainee scholars to have a basic understanding of prevalent Muslim mental health concerns, whilst also being equipped with the tools to assess, guide and refer where necessary. While developing this understanding, we hope to look at both specific and wider factors that are impacting the Muslim community, with a particular focus on issues that mufti’s, scholars, imams and trainees may often come across.

Course Delivery

This course will taught by a team of trained counsellors and psychotherapists who specialise in and/or practice within the areas of counselling training, family & relationships, domestic violence, men’s/women’s work & cults/spiritual abuse, common mental health problems and more. Teaching will take place live online via Zoom, 1.5 hours weekly over the duration of 20 weeks. Regular attendance and active participation is mandatory.

Teachers: Stephen Maynard & Associates: Sabnum Dharamsi, Stephen Maynard, Sandra Ortiz, Waheeda Islam, Raheel Idrees, Ramzia Akbari-Noor. For more information:

Note:  This is an introductory course, part of our Ifta Specialisation Programme, designed for qualified or trainee muftis, alims, and/or students of knowledge. Consequently, this course will not be suitable if you have previously studied counselling or psychology at a degree/advanced level or do not have an Islamic studies background. Please note that due to the nature of this course, consistent uninformed or frequent lack of attendance will result in removal from the course.

Key Information:
Study Mode: LIVE Online
Dates: Every Sunday from 7th January – 3rd March & 21st April – 30th June 2024
Time: 9.30am – 11am UK Time
Duration: 20 weeks

Course Fees: £250* £200 (includes recorded access for the duration of the course)

                      *Early Bird ends on Tuesday, 2 January 2024.