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The Martyrdom of Hussain (RA)

A historical analysis of the tragedy of Karbala

About this webinar

In this webinar, Dr Akram Nadwi will delve into one of the most pivotal and emotionally charged events in Islamic history – the Battle of Karbala. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the events leading up to, during, and after this tragic event. The battle took place on the 10th of Muharram in the year 61 AH (After Hijra) and continues to hold immense significance for Muslims worldwide.

This webinar welcomes history enthusiasts, students of Islamic studies, and anyone eager to learn about the significance of the Battle of Karbala in shaping Islamic history and influencing the collective consciousness of millions of believers worldwide.

Key Information:
Study Mode: LIVE Online
Date: Friday 4th August 2023
Time: 6pm – 8pm BST
Duration: 2 hours

Course Fees: FREE (Registration required)