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Women’s Status in Marriage with Shaykh Akram Nadwi


Marriage is a sacred vow upheld in the eyes of Allah. It is not merely a legal contract but an act of worship itself. An incorrect understanding of marriage and misinformation about the rights of husbands and wives has led to widespread cases of abuse and neglect.

This course has been created to equip every Muslim with the appreciation of the sanctity of marriage as well as knowledge of the rights, duties, and responsibilities of the wife.

Rather than emulating external sources, we take lessons from the best of creation – Prophet Muhammad (salAllāhu ‘alayhi wassalam) – observing and learning from how he dealt with his wives with justice and wisdom.

(Includes extensive Q&A at the end of the day)




Upon successful completion of this course students should:

  • Understand the purpose of marriage in Islam
  • Learn the rights, duties, and responsibilities of the wife 
  • Know how to maintain a successful marriage
  • Be acquainted with the rules of mahr, residence, and other key components of marriage
  • Know what to do if one’s rights are not upheld
  • Learn what the Prophet did to resolve marital disputes

Duration: 1-day short course (6 hours)
Location: LIVE Online
Dates: 11th April
Time: 10am – 6pm BST

Online Live: £35  (includes livestream with 5 days recorded access)
Early bird Online Live: £25
On-Demand: £59 (includes livestream with 5 days recorded access + 90 day access on our On-Demand platform)
Early bird On-Demand: £49
Early bird ends 4th April 2021

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