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Sh Akram is an absolute don. There are no words to describe how well equipped he is with the meaning of Islam. He is a very effective teacher, someone with a vast amount of knowledge who can convey things without repeating to someone with as little knowledge as me. He is willing to change his opinion when someone brings a better argument. Who amongst the other scholars has this humility? He is a thinker, who questions and challenges existing nonsense in the ummah. We seem to think and use our brains everywhere, but when it comes to Islam we stop. Sh Akram doesn’t want a follower, he wants you to look at something, use your mind and faculties (eyes, mouth, ears, etc.) to really think if something makes sense. He doesn’t care if you don’t agree with him, but bring a better argument.

I genuinely love all the classes because each are different. Sahih Bukhari and Sunan Tirmidhi are highly technical, where we use our logic and scientific reasoning. Tafsir of Surah Kahf brings profound meanings that you wouldn’t think about had it not been for the class and company. Best of all are the discussions amongst dedicated students at the classes – there is much wisdom that you will all benefit from.
Al-Salam Institute’s organisation is spectacular. The classes are always well equipped and on time. The service, refreshments and general hospitality is brilliant.

Ahmer Nadeem, PhD Candidate at the University of Manchester March 31, 2018