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I have been studying at Salam Institute for almost two years. I have thoroughly enjoyed the courses, primarily because of the quality of the teacher and also the students. The classes have reawakened in me the joy of studying again, after many years of attending courses where the teacher was utterly predictable and was telling things me I already knew. With Sh. Akram that is rarely the case. In fact, he often challenges me to question things that I take for granted, on almost any issue, across any discipline –even humanities and politics. Furthermore, the sign of a truly great teacher is that he does not impose his views on you, and this is one of Sh. Akram’s most important qualities. The students are also very enriching. It seems as if the whole Umma is represented, and always the best of each group. Sufis, Deobandis, Modernists, Salafis, etc., are all present, and in the time I’ve been there I’ve never witnessed any of the sectarian witnessed elsewhere. All in all, it is a great environment to learn the Deen.

Dr Abdul Hakim Vazquez, Development Manager at Ebrahim College March 31, 2018